About us
The company Gladius is offering quality services to all who aims to expand the business by means of modern software and hardware.
Working in the industry of information technologies since 1995, we by the boundary of the majority accumulated invaluable experience in expeditious adoption of mature and effective IT solutions on technical support of clients. We created impressive base of technical practices and intellectual resources.
The geography of our customers covers the whole country, and the main direction of our activity – distribution of server components and developing of server and storage systems of various level.

Assortment ranks of Gladius are servers and computer components, active and passive network equipment, data storage systems and specialized software, also solutions based on the equipment of the leading global manufacturers and many other things.

Concept of image for us not a blank space, but the status "customer" is category priority. Proceeding from these postulates, the company went further than competitors and in addition to functions of the faultless distributor and the talented integrator developed own production of servers and data storage systems. Long-term productive OEM partnership with the Supermicro company resulted in creation of the exclusive Gladius server hardware which is not conceding in performance to products of the leading vendors, such as Lenovo, Dell, HP at all, but considerably winning against them in cost. We are confident of the products and we have no doubt that your opinion will be the same!